Spring/Summer 2017

27 April: The King who serves us (Mark 10:32-52)

4 May: The arrival of the King (Mark 11:1-25)

11 May: The King who has come to judge (Mark 11:27-12:27)

18 May: Big Questions – ‘Can we trust what the gospel writers tell us about Jesus?’

25 May: Big Questions – ‘How can there be just one true religion?’

1 June: Big Questions – ‘What if only Jesus makes sense of suffering?’

8 June: Big Questions – ‘What makes Christianity relevant for me?’

15 June: The King who is greater than king David (Mark 12:28-44)

22 June: Christ will come back in  glory soon (Mark 13:1-37)

29 June: Christ’s death, our devotion (Mark 14:1-25)

6 July: Shaky sheep, stable Shepherd (Mark 14:26-72)

13 July: The King who dies so you can know God (Mark 15:1-39)

20 July: He is risen! How will you respond? (Mark 15:40-16:8)