Easter Eats!

This week is a special one for us at Covent Garden Talks because it includes our annual ‘Easter Eats’ event!

‘Easter Eats’ is slightly different from our normal Thursday as it’s more of a lunch with a short talk than a lunchtime talk (if that makes sense!) Lunch will be served around tables and, as well as the usual high class sarnies, will include a range of hot cross buns and some chocolatey Easter treats as well.

There’ll be plenty of time to chat, relax and enjoy the food and there will also be a shorter than normal talk – just 12mins or so – on why Easter is so important. We’ll be doing this from John 6, so carrying on in our series in John’s gospel, as Jesus talks to the crowd about the cross.

This will be a great week to invite any friends and colleagues along, we hope it’ll be every bit as relaxed and enjoyable as a carol service (though more food, no singing!) and a great introduction for anyone wanting to get to grips with why we celebrate Easter the way we do by hearing what Jesus himself has to say about it.

Lunch will be just £3 as normal but there’ll be plenty of it so don’t snack too much on Thursday morning!

See you there!