The last meal you’ll ever need eat (John 6:25-40)

Recently I replaced the sealant around our bath (not my most exciting anecdote this) and then, this week, it started to peel off again. I wasn’t shocked, nobody should be, things in this world are always slowly disintegrating, that’s why dusting is so dispiriting.

But it’s not just the small things that are gradually fading. It’s the big things; our work, our relationships, our health. This relentless decay is enough to make you ask, if that’s all I’ve got to live and work for, what’s the point?

In John 6 Jesus addresses that question as he speaks to the crowd, the crowd who want him to be the king of today, but aren’t willing to trust him for forever. Jesus gives them, and us, a stark choice, between two types of food, two meals, two lives;  click here to listen now to today’s talk. Or, for previous talks in the series, click here.

Christians in the City have produced some comprehensive notes on John’s Gospel. Each week we post the brief summary for the relavant passage however check the site out for more detailed notes available free of charge. For the Truth-At-Work summary notes on this week’ passage, please click here. 

Here are some questions you might want to use to think more about the passage or if you’re reading it along with someone else;

1)        How perishable or permanent do you think the things of this life are?  How does talk of ‘bread’ here show this?
2)        In what ways is Jesus like Moses in this chapter? In what ways is Jesus better than Moses?
3)        What does it mean to ‘work’ for food that endures?
4)        How do you respond to Jesus’ offer to do this work and receive the gift of perfect, true, filling life in return?