Are Christians really arrogant?

This week we begin our ‘Really Jesus?’ series by asking – ‘Is Jesus really the only way to God?’

It’s a pretty difficult thing to accept, that it could the case that there is just one route to God, especially when there seem to be so many competing suggestions, alternative ways to travel to the almighty. Surely getting to God is like getting to Birmingham…only more exciting when you get there! (No offence Brummie friends!)

It’s not at all surprising that when Christians claim that Jesus, and Jesus alone, is the way, that people get upset. It sounds like an assertion of absolutely breathtaking arrogance.

So why do Christians say that? And could it possibly be right? And how does how we answer that question affect how we should think about Jesus?

Whoever you are, and whatever you believe, we’re really looking forward to thinking through the issue this week as Kev Murdoch speaks to us. We really hope you can join us.