Preparing for mission

During the month of May we’ll be asking some of the really big questions about Jesus in our ‘Really Jesus‘ series.

We’re doing this, not out of some sort of idle, intellectual curiosity, but because we believe that Jesus is the single most important figure in all of history and therefore that there is no-one and nothing more crucial that we and our colleagues could think about!

We hope that the talks will provide a great opportunity for people to invite, discuss and think through with friends and colleagues who Jesus was, what he did and why it matters.

But the idea of doing that is often fraught with trepidation. What should we expect if we try and raise the subject of Jesus with people we know?

So to help us, Kev Murdoch this week at the lunchtime talk spoke on preparing for mission from Luke’s gospel as we get, from Jesus himself, a guide on what to do and what to expect. You can listen to the talk now by clicking here.