The divisive effect of Jesus – part 1 (John 6:60-71)

It’s now three days since Margaret Thatcher died but the rhetoric surrounding her and her legacy is still raging furiously, and one imagines will continue to do so for many years. She is the most divisive figure in recent British history.

Jesus Christ has been provoking even stronger reactions for hundreds and hundreds of years – and the discussion shows no sign of abating.

Why is that? And why is it that John, Jesus’ best friend, has gone to the trouble of recording it for us in his gospel? Doesn’t exactly seem like the finest way to pay tribute!

But John wants us to see that Jesus demands a decision, his claims, his life and his death are simply too huge, too important to be simply shrugged off.

We are at the heart of the discussion as we see people’s responses to Jesus in John 6&7 and today at the lunchtime talk we though about the causes of this in John 6:60-71. You can listen to the talk now by clicking here.

You can also view the Truth at Work notes on these verses by clicking here.

And here are some questions you might like to chew over as you consider this passage.


1. Why do you think Jesus so divides opinion in these verses?
2. Why do you think Jesus still divides opinion so much now?
3. Where do you stand on Jesus?