Did Jesus really come back from the dead?

If the resurrection didn’t actually happen, if it isn’t an event of history, then you should stop reading this blog post. In fact we should scrap this website and I should get another job, and we should convert all the churches into restaurants and bars and maybe youth clubs or pool clubs or something.

Without the reality of the resurrection Christianity is a myth and a total waste of time. This isn’t my take on the issue, it’s the Bible’s (read 1 Corinthians 15 if you don’t believe me).

So why am I still typing? Why are we planning the program for Covent Garden Talks for the coming months? Because there is every reason to believe that the resurrection is as much a fact of history as the Battle of Waterloo, the Queen’s Coronation or the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht (‘Obscure’ I hear you say, true, you’ll need to listen to the talk for more details).

This week at Covent Garden Talks we were listening to testimony, the accounts of a whole hosts of different sources, which all attest to the same truth. Jesus really was dead. And he really did rise to life again. And that really, really matters.

Listen now to this week’s Covent Garden Talk (including question time) by clicking here.