Is Jesus really the only way to God?

During the month of May we’re asking some of the really big questions about the most important person in all of history in our ‘Really Jesus‘ series.

This week we kicked off by tackling the apparently exclusivity of Jesus – is he really the only way?

In a vibrant area like Covent Garden, in a cosmopolitan city like London, with so many different philosophies and beliefs, surely it’s just arrogant nonsense to claim that something, or someone, is the single, right answer when it comes to knowing how to get to God.

Yet, it’s not Christians who have decided this, as we saw today, it’s Jesus himself who makes that claim. And it’s a claim which, when we explore it further, is maybe not quite so absurd or offensive as we might think…

Kev Murdoch was speaking to us and you can listen to the talk, and the subsequent Q&A, by clicking here.