Would Jesus really care what I think of him?

Surely whatever you think of Jesus, it doesn’t really matter?

Surely, even though we don’t all agree on who Jesus was necessarily, we can all agree that, in this day in age, we’ve realised that we can all just happily disagree because at the end of the day surely Jesus would just want us all to get along!

Is Jesus just like the elephant in a room full of blindfolded people? It doesn’t matter that you’ve got the trunk and I’ve got the leg and someone else has their hands on a tusk, it’s all the same big thing ultimately?

Frankly it would be lovely if the answer to these questions was, ‘yep, it is like that, so think what you want – Jesus doesn’t care anyhow!’ Then we could all just get on with getting on…but Jesus doesn’t leave us that option.

Jesus really cares what we think about him, and not because he’s a desperate, power-crazed egomaniac, but because he loves us.

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