Wouldn’t following Jesus really just ruin my life?

Freedom is the most priceless commodity you can have. And in the western world, pretty much, we have as much of it as we could wish for right? Other than some concerns about CCTV and worries about how much Google really know, I guess most of us feel pretty content with our ability to exercise our own liberty.

So why would anyone become a Christian? Why would anyone follow Jesus when he wants to tell us what to do and what not to do? What could possibly be so valuable that it would be worth that? Surely, Jesus would just ruin life?

Today were were thinking about this crucial issue at the Covent Garden Talks as Rob Perkins from the London Bridge Network spoke to us about how free we really are (not as much as we like to think) and how actually, giving everything to Jesus is the only true freedom we can ever have.

Intruiged? Listen now to today’s Covent Garden Talk.