How to be good sheep (John 10:22-42)

Sometimes the only new information we need is to be told that the information we have is enough.

As we come to the end of the first half of John’s gospel this week, we find twenty verses in which it doesn’t feel like an awful lot is said that we haven’t heard before, or like an awful lot happens that we haven’t seen before. And that seems to be the point.

Many of the people Jesus has encountered throughout the first 10 chapters of the gospel (which, if we’ve been following along, includes us!) are still not convinced about who he is – but that’s not because they haven’t been told and haven’t seen enough proof.

They’ve been thoroughly taught and prepared for the exam. John wants us to see that through God’s word as he has recorded it, so have we. We know the exam is coming, we know the question it will ask, we’ve been given the textbook which contains the answer – the only issue is, do we want to learn?

Listen now to the talk from John 10:22-42 by clicking here.

You can also view notes on John 10 by clicking here. (We just post the summary sheets – visit the Truth at Work website for more detailed notes and questions on this and any passage in John).

And here are some questions you might like to think about as you consider this passage;

1) What is the main thing here that the Jews won’t accept about Jesus? What most angers them?
2) Why do they have no excuse for this response?
3) What does Jesus promise those hear his voice and follow him?
4) How do we hear Jesus’ voice today?
5) We’re now half way through John’s gospel – what do you think of / believe about Jesus at this stage?
6) What are you going to do next to keep thinking further?