Why meeting Jesus is an eye-opening experience (John 9)

So far in John we’ve seen John reiterate the same claims over and over;

– Jesus is the Christ, all the evidence and witnesses prove it
– Jesus can give people eternal life
– All we need to do is believe in Jesus

Simple eh? Yet again and again and again we’ve seen people who simply don’t get it – in fact quite the opposite, people who hate Jesus and everything he says. It seems that hardly anyone will believe in him, in fact, by the end of chapter 8 we’re not really left with much of an idea how anyone is going to come to believe in him.

And then we encounter one man who goes from a position where he knows very little of Jesus, to believing in and worshipping Jesus as the Christ, and be prepared to be socially ostracised for doing so. To show us how belief happens John introduces us to the amazing story of the man born blind.

As we follow his story, and see how Jesus cures his physical blindness, we ourselves can come to see how it is that only Jesus can provide exactly the spiritual enlightenment we all need.

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And here are some questions you might like to think about as you consider this passage;

1) What do you think the idea of ‘blindness’ and ‘sight’ illustrates in this chapter?
2) How quickly does the man born blind come to see and understand who Jesus is?
3) How convincing are the Pharisees attempts to discredit Jesus and this miraculous event?
4) What will you resolve to do to ‘see more’ of Jesus?