Why the Good Shepherd makes all the difference (John 10:1-21)

This week in Northern Ireland (in the home town of our very own Audrey Brown!) it was the annual meeting of the G8. The world’s most powerful leaders getting together to solve the major problems. How do you think they’re doing? Hmm, yeah, not so much eh?

Human history has been littered with leaders, some better than others. But none have been able to provide the kind of leadership required to provide life with total freedom, safety, security, without the threat of death and with abundance in all areas.

Just one leader is able to provide his people with all that. In John 10 he introduces us to himself as ‘the Good Shepherd’ and we learn what it takes to believe in him and be one of his shape as well as why his is the only fold you want to be in.

Listen now to this week’s talk by clicking here.

You can also view notes on John 10 by clicking here. (We just post the summary sheets – visit the Truth at Work website for more detailed notes and questions).

And here are some questions you might like to think about as you consider this passage;

1) Who do you think the different figures are in the picture / figure of speech Jesus uses in these verses?
2) What distinguishes Jesus as the Good Shepherd from the others?
3) What does Jesus offer to those hear his voice and become his ‘sheep’?
4) Read Ezekiel 34. How does this background enhance the significance of what Jesus is saying in John 10?