Christians at Work

At Covent Garden Talks we exist to try to bring as many people as possible face-to-face with the good news about Jesus. The main way this happens is as Christian’s working in the area live, work and speak God’s truth amongst their colleagues (1 Peter 2:9-12). Workplace missionaries!

To help train people for this job we have developed the ‘Missionaries @ Work’ training scheme. This is a series of 3 sets of 6 studies which can be worked through by individuals or small groups together. We run sessions around the Covent Garden area but would love for the resource to be used more widely.

We hope that it’s really clearly laid out so that anyone can just pick it up and use it but if you have any questions or clarifications then please just let us know at

In the meantime you can download the resources for free…right here!

M@W Manual I (Work) pdf

M@W Manual II (Evangelism) pdf

M@W Big Questions I (Does God exist?) pdf